Monday, September 30, 2013

D30 - The Last Day.

Day 30.

I woke up kinda early today, but spent the entire morning completing computer tasks for work. I wasn't able to get serious about fibre until after I had a run and a spot of lunch in the early afternoon.

Then I hit the wheel hard. I kept fuelled with a constant supply of Breaking Bad Season 3 (don't spoil the end for me! I still have to catch up!), a giant platter of sushi for dinner and glass of wine. And lots and lots of chocolate.

I managed to spin up EVERYTHING. And I almost got everything plied too - except the very last skein I had planned to do. I wanted to let the bobbins rest overnight (or that's what I am telling myself anyway). I will ply it tomorrow.

Anyway - here are the final results!

Photo evidence:

Final list of what I spun, when I spun it, and on what I spun it on:

So there we have it. Everything completed by 10:32 pm, September 30th.

I will post final weights, wraps per inch and yardage for each skein as soon as I have everything washed and dried.

Cheers all!
- Grace

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