Sunday, September 8, 2013

D30 - Day #7!

Gee, I get a lot more done on weekends!

This morning I got started preparing an ounce of fibre right after breakfast. I was planning on running it through the drum carder, but I just flicked it instead.

I was pretty happy with the resulting open clumps of wool. I decided to start this ounce on my medium sized Ashford drop spindle and take it with me on my morning errands.

One of my adventures involved travelling across town to a big sale of knitting, spinning and weaving equipment. I spindled on the skytrain there and back. I am starting to get used to the strange looks I get, though I am definitely not as comfortable spindling in public spaces as I am knitting. I find if I don't make eye contact, people generally don't start a conversation. But if I look up from my spinning even once, I usually have to explain myself to the poor person sitting next to me hahahah.

I purchased some helpful spinning tools, a dvd, some goodies to support my sister's cross stitch habit, and a big box of fleece. I brought home two more spindles - one loooooong spindle with a medium sized whorl (it feels very light, and I love the colour of the wood), and another large spindle that is meant to be used seated and rolled along the thigh. I think. I am not actually sure. I am going to have to do some internet research before I start any projects on this one!

After I got home, I spent some quality time in the living room flicking and carding up some batts. I prepared another three ounces of fibre so I could finish up the 4 ounce skein I have started on my Ladybug.

Magnum helped.

After some grocery shopping and other afternoon chores, I spent the rest of my time before dinner spinning. I enjoyed the warm September evening on my balcony with Cameron and Snacky before moving inside to do some serious damage to those new batts on my Ladybug.

But wait! There's more!

After dinner, Cameron and I watched 28 Weeks Later out in the living room. Poor Mr. Jacob, we just keep exposing him to zombies. I flicked a few ounces of fibre while we watched the movie.

Tomorrow, I plan on preppin' some more batts as well as catching up on my wheel spinning. My goal for the entire weekend is to get ahead of the game; I want to card as much fibre as possible so I can focus on spinning it up during the week.

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