Thursday, September 19, 2013

D30 - Days #13, #14, and #15!

Day 13

Friday the 13th! And an amazing day indeed! I didn't get a lot of spinning done, but I did have an amazing day at work - my co-workers at Sweetgeorgia surprised me with a birthday treat! Hubert and David and Teresa gifted me with an awesome Lego set (The Desert Skiff from Star Wars - complete with Sarlacc pit! It is going in a place of honour besides Jabba's Place and the Rancor Pit in my living room), a beautiful card with the most wonderful birthday wishes inside, and the perfect "cake" for me - a giant platter of fruit, complete with a candle in a strawberry! Hehehe! I still can't believe my good fortune at finding a job with such a wonderful group of people, doing what I love, and being part of such a creative and inspiring team. Life is good.

I spun on the skytrain home. Then I packed up as quick as I could (including the Ladybug!), and Cameron and I took off for an amazing weekend in Manning Park!

Day 14

Ahh! Happy Birthday in Manning Park!

We started off the day with a visit to the lookout above the Manning Park lodge. Lots of visitors stop there and feed the local wildlife, so there were lots of little friends who felt brave enough to come close to the camera....

Next, Cameron and I hiked along the Paintbrush Trail...

Driving down from the mountains, I got in a little bit of spinning (of course!). But not enough for me to miss seeing more of the local wildlife...

Back to the lodge for lunch! Cameron took a little nap, while I escaped to spin in the outdoor picnic area. Of course I am there for about ten minutes before I ran into a fellow Spinzilla member (Hi Stephanie!). I got two ounces spun out in the open air... nice.

Later on, Cameron and I went for another hike up the Three Falls trail.

... and followed up all that fantastic outdoor excerise with a fantastic dinner (with wine and salmon!) at the Manning Park lodge's restaurant.

Afterwards, Cameron built me a beautiful warm fire behind the lodge in one of the fire pits. We roasted marshmallows and enjoyed the stars while Cameron rested his lungs after trying to breath our fire into life with no kindling. I think that was my favourite birthday treat.

Oh yeah, and I can spin by firelight too.

Day 15

We squeezed in one last hike before we left for home - the Beaver Pond. We always check out this trail every time we are in the area. It only takes about ten minutes to walk the entire loop - it takes us longer though, because we have to look for beavers!

No luck though. 

The rest of the drive home was beautiful. We took the long route so we could enjoy the scenic drive - there was no rush to get back. It also meant I got A LOT of spindling done in the car.

I saw this Jeep too. Yesssss another birthday treat!

Thanks for a perfect weekend babe! :D

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