Wednesday, September 4, 2013

D30 - Days #2 and 3!

**Update (September 8th) - photos added and notes adjusted!**

Day 2:

So I started with 18 grams left over from yesterday and the knowledge that I am going to need to spin thicker. I decided to take my Zebra-wood drop spindle (the one I started working with yesterday) out to dinner that night and hopefully finish off my Day #1 fibre there, and work on my second batt at home.

So far, pretty good! I started spinning my second batt on my kick spindle at home.

I even got to take it out on the balcony with Snacky and Cameron.

I did spin that evening on the skytrain and while waiting for my food at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Yup, I got a lot of weird looks, but strangely not as many questions as when I knit in public. Huh.

To total up my work so far - I didn't completely finish the batts on my drop spindle OR kick spindle. But I have already prepped my batt for Day 3. I am hoping to get more done tomorrow!

Day 3:

Got less done today than I hoped for - I think it came with that whole "working a full shift" deal. I played with my kick spindle for a while in the morning and evening, and I should be ready to ply it tomorrow. I took my drop spindle on the #3 bus on the way home, and I have almost finished that up too! I didn't get a chance to touch today's batt though.

I think I am going to have to bend my rules a little bit... if I am starting to fall behind, I am going to let myself catch up on my Ladybug spinning wheel. I still want to use every drop spindle I have in my collection before the end of the month. Considering how tiny some of them are, I will need to use the wheel if I have ANY hopes of completing this challenge!

Tomorrow should bring more spinning - I have a full evening dedicated just to that task!

- Grace

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