Monday, September 30, 2013

D30 - Days #26, #27 and #28

Day 26

No time for fibre before work - but I did spindle on the bus home. Made it home in a terrific mood - we ordered in sushi for dinner.
I cleaned and spun once ounce before bed. A glass of wine and some chocolate helped me out.
I even had time to finish off the fibre designated for my drop spindle! I removed the single from it, and now it is all ready to recieve one more ounce of fibre before this challenge is over!

Day 27

Again, no time for fibre before work. And I couldn't even drop spindle on the bus and skytrain home today - transit was just too busy. I did managed to clean and spin one more ounce in the evening though!

And I am ready for the big weekend push!

Day 28

- Slept in. Breakfast with husband. Two games of crib. Grace = 1, Cameron = 1.
- Plied Skein #10 on the Ladybug.
- Flicked and drum-carded three ounces of fibre. It's cool watching the colours get darker as I get further into the fleece...
- Run in the rain. Blog. Shower. Lunch.
- Groceries. Chores.
- Spun two and a half ounces on the Ladybug. Watched some Breaking Bad. Slept.

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