Skill Stretching

In January 2013, I decided to stretch my spinning skills a wee little bit... every month, I would pick a new fibre, preparation, or technique to try. As much as I love to spin my "default" yarn, I think exploring some different skills will force me to think about my spinning in new ways, as well as teach me more about my wheel, improve my dexterity with dealing with fibres, and help me answer questions potential new students might have (should I choose to take up teaching spinning).

Brainstorming... My List of Skills to Stretch

x - Spinning Singles
x - Spinning From The Fold
o - Attenuated Long Draw
o - Worsted Draw with Woolen Fibres
o - Long Draw
o - Handcarding
o - Drumcarding
o - Handcombs
o - Blend Wool for Colour Variation
o - Spinning with a Light Drop spindle
o - Spinning with a Heavy Drop spindle
o - Spinning with a Supported Spindle
o - Racing Stripes
o - Autowrap
o - Intentional Slub Draw
o - Novelty Yarns from "Spin Art"
o - Smoother Gradients achieved with pre-drafting fibre, then chain-plying.
o - Combining colour by marling 3 colours at a time, THEN plied for a complex blended colour.
o - Cleaning My Own Alpaca Fleece
o - Prepping My Own Alpaca Fleece
o - Spinning My Own Alpaca Fleece
o - Designing/Knitting My Own Alpaca Fleece
o - Including rabbit fur into my yarn
o - Spinning with Locks
o - Spinning with Silk Hankies
o - Weave With My Own Handspun
o - Ladybug Diagram - make my own diagram of my spinning wheels with notes on maintance, how to adjust, etc. Just a way to make sure I get to know my own wheel better!

... And I am sure more will come! I will keep updating this list as I get new ideas and suggestions.  I am open to ideas too - just send me a message!

Stretches So Far...