Monday, September 30, 2013

D30 - The Last Day.

Day 30.

I woke up kinda early today, but spent the entire morning completing computer tasks for work. I wasn't able to get serious about fibre until after I had a run and a spot of lunch in the early afternoon.

Then I hit the wheel hard. I kept fuelled with a constant supply of Breaking Bad Season 3 (don't spoil the end for me! I still have to catch up!), a giant platter of sushi for dinner and glass of wine. And lots and lots of chocolate.

I managed to spin up EVERYTHING. And I almost got everything plied too - except the very last skein I had planned to do. I wanted to let the bobbins rest overnight (or that's what I am telling myself anyway). I will ply it tomorrow.

Anyway - here are the final results!

Photo evidence:

Final list of what I spun, when I spun it, and on what I spun it on:

So there we have it. Everything completed by 10:32 pm, September 30th.

I will post final weights, wraps per inch and yardage for each skein as soon as I have everything washed and dried.

Cheers all!
- Grace

D30 - Day #29

Happy Anniversary Cameron! Thanks for the last 12 years of being my bestest buddy, 11 years of being my partner, and 6 years of being my husband!

Today I didn't get any spinning done before I left to take part in an awesome Maiwa workshop with Sivia Harding. I learned about the mysterious knitted mobius and how to incorporate its principals into my own designs. I have taken one other class with this amazing woman before, and I have always learn soooo much in such a sort period of time! I might not have done by spinning, but I left really inspired to pick up my knitting needles again!

Afterwards Cameron and I went to the Afghan Horseman restaurant with Jo Anne and David for a wonderful dinner. Mmmm eggplant! And rice pudding!

I still had enough time in the evening however to make a serious dent in my spinning. Spun two more ounces.

Sooo... two more oucnes to clean and spin on my Ladybug. Just over half an ounce to spin on my drop spindle. Monday, here we come!

D30 - Days #26, #27 and #28

Day 26

No time for fibre before work - but I did spindle on the bus home. Made it home in a terrific mood - we ordered in sushi for dinner.
I cleaned and spun once ounce before bed. A glass of wine and some chocolate helped me out.
I even had time to finish off the fibre designated for my drop spindle! I removed the single from it, and now it is all ready to recieve one more ounce of fibre before this challenge is over!

Day 27

Again, no time for fibre before work. And I couldn't even drop spindle on the bus and skytrain home today - transit was just too busy. I did managed to clean and spin one more ounce in the evening though!

And I am ready for the big weekend push!

Day 28

- Slept in. Breakfast with husband. Two games of crib. Grace = 1, Cameron = 1.
- Plied Skein #10 on the Ladybug.
- Flicked and drum-carded three ounces of fibre. It's cool watching the colours get darker as I get further into the fleece...
- Run in the rain. Blog. Shower. Lunch.
- Groceries. Chores.
- Spun two and a half ounces on the Ladybug. Watched some Breaking Bad. Slept.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

D30 - Days #23, #24, and #25!

Day 23

Ok, time to get organized.

I spent some serious time updating the blog this morning. I also finished a bunch of plying and washed some skeins. I completed spinning the ounce of fibre allocated to my bottom-whorl spindle, and I will be starting with a brand new spindle tomorrow!

I learned a ton today from Kim McKenna during a coffee-date we had today. She was preparing me for a class I am going to be covering for her in October, and it was so wonderful to learn from such a kind, giving person. She is a very thoughtful teacher, and I really look forward to learning more from her in the future - we have already made up plans to meet again! Yippee!

The evening was spent getting a handle on the remaining fibre I am going to spin this month. I sat down with my big bag o' Jacob and sorted though the colours. I created twelve one-ounce baggies of fibre, one for each day I haven't started yet - eek! I prepped and cleaned three of them tonight too.

I think I am going to have to create a daily, achievable goal for myself each day, and still to a pretty ridgit schedual in order to get this completed!

Tomorrow - I hope to clean and spin one ounce of fibre at home, and work on a new ounce of fibre on the bus with a drop spindle. Ok. Wish me luck!

Day 24

Tuesday - a busy day. I woke up at 6, even though I didn't work until 12:15 or so. After a quick breakfast, I prepared and spun one ounce of fibre. I also completed some work-related computer tasks and went for a wonderful, refreshing run.

Ok, break over! Time for work. I drop-spindled on the bus to work, and had a great day at the studio, followed by a successful and productive evening class. I got some spindling done on the way home too. I did better than keep float - I did some extra too!

Day 25

Today I still managed to keep abreast of the situation. I was too busy to spin in the morning, but I spindled on the bus home and spun all evening at my friend JoAnne's house. One more ounce
completed on my Ladybug!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

D30 - Days #21 and #22

Day 21

I don't think there is anything much better than waking up to the sound of baking equipment purring away in my mom's kitchen.

We got up early in the morning so we could travel up-island to visit more family, but my mom was already up and making icing for my sister's birthday cake by the time I pulled myself out of bed at 7:30.

She even managed to make a pie crust from scratch before I got my lazy act together - what a lady!

Anywho, as soon as we were ready we met up with my sister, Michelle, and my aunt Maureen before we headed up island to visit a nice visit with more family.

They live on a farm! We got some serious doggy visiting time:

By the pond...

...with lots of slugs around...

...oh yeah, and snails too...

... and chickens!...

...and SHEEP!...

...a wonderful walk through the woods....

...followed by a couple of turkeys. One of which I am related too. (Hi Uncle Ed!) And yes, that dragonfly is dead. I didn't know that at the time; I was suckered into thinking it was just a beautiful opportunity for a photo and not a dead bug he found and stuck on his own shoulder...).

And then, we were fed. For a few hours. Because my aunt is a super-talented French hostess.

Hi Mom!

And then we were fed again.

**Don't worry, I spin most of the time. I did finish two ounces while I drank wine and chatted!**

Then, we partied. My sister's style. Super-hero-House-Party-Birthday.

Cake: Sewer floor, one rat, 4 turtles, and a river of ooze.

Movies: The first and fourth installements of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series.

Birthday Girl: Michelle, age 26, alias "Wonder Woman"

And yes, I got more spinning done at the party. They just all thought I was a little weird.

Day 22

Happy Birthday Michelle! (Today was her REAL birthday).

Again, got up early and had a fantastic breakfast with Mom. Then we went to our friend Linda's house for a crafting-and-tea date, my favourite kind!

I spun.

They sewed.

And then we shared the beautiful "birthday blackberry pie" my mom made from scratch that morning! Damn is that woman good!

I had to take the ferry back home today - I had to get ready for the work week, plus I just plain miss by husband and kitties after a few days away! I got lots of spindle spinning finished on the bus home though, as well as finishing off the rest of the fibre destined for the Louet wheel.

Overall, a very productive, happy weekend!

Monday, September 23, 2013

D30 - Days #19 and #20!

Day 19

Ouch - didn't get anything done. I brought my spindle to the Greater Vancouver Spinners' and Weavers' Guild meeting thinking I could get some spinning finished during the meeting, but I just had too good of a time chattin' with my chums and watching the presentation. I'm going to have to push BIG TIME on the weekend!

Day 20

Finally! Some spinning was completed!

In the morning I started to spin a fresh ounce on my big bottom-whorl Ashford spindle. I got plenty done on the bus to work.

I had a wonderful day at the studio... I got do a little bit of dyeing, a little bit of packaging, some photography, and quality time working and talking with customers coming into Sweetgeorgia for the Yarn Harvest.  The new colourway we created for Spinzilla has been released, and I am really looking forward to dyeing up some more of that colour way in the next few weeks!

I meet and saw many fellow members of our Sweetgeorgia Spinzilla team - I am so stoked for this event to take place! I am really glad I get a week catch my breath between the Dirty Thirty and that crazy week of creating maximum yardage...!

In the evening, I headed to Victoria to spend the weekend celebrating my sister's birthday! Public transit heading to the ferry was busy, but that didn't stop me from desperately trying to spindle in a cramped bus seat - at least I didn't have to stand!

The spindling went much easier on the ferry - there was more room to stretch my arms without popping the personal bubble of the poor stranger sitting next to me.

Felicia graciously lent me the use of one of the studio's wheels to bring to Victoria so I might stand a small chance of achieving my goal by the end of the month! I packed along a Louet Victoria, and it was whipped out as soon as I got home. Another ounce started!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

D30 - Days #16, 17 and 18!

Day 16

Well, I can spin and walk now. I wound of part of my spindle's cob onto an extra bobbin while I walked to the doctor, spun in the office, and figured out how to walk home AND spin at the same time. A new skill set!

I also spent some time plying the singles from my first two drop spindles together, as well as the four ounces I had completed on my Ladybug. Yippee!

Day 17

Didn't get a chance to do ANY spinning today. I taught a WONDERFUL spinning class in the evening though. Man, I have so lucky to have the most enthusiastic students. I have been super fortunate to get to work with the lovely ladies from both the classes I have taught (my current class and the one that started in August). I am super glad I got into teaching, even if it tuckers me out sooo much by the end of the day!

Day 18

I spun on the way home on the skytrain - I have almost finished off the fibre destined for my New Zealand spindle. When I got home, I spent some quality time visiting with my father-in-law and his wonderful wife, ate some delicious delivery (mmm veggie burger goodness...) and flicked about 7 ounces of fibre to prepare for the weekend. I am going to make a big push this weekend to get it all done - wish me luck!!!

D30 - Days #13, #14, and #15!

Day 13

Friday the 13th! And an amazing day indeed! I didn't get a lot of spinning done, but I did have an amazing day at work - my co-workers at Sweetgeorgia surprised me with a birthday treat! Hubert and David and Teresa gifted me with an awesome Lego set (The Desert Skiff from Star Wars - complete with Sarlacc pit! It is going in a place of honour besides Jabba's Place and the Rancor Pit in my living room), a beautiful card with the most wonderful birthday wishes inside, and the perfect "cake" for me - a giant platter of fruit, complete with a candle in a strawberry! Hehehe! I still can't believe my good fortune at finding a job with such a wonderful group of people, doing what I love, and being part of such a creative and inspiring team. Life is good.

I spun on the skytrain home. Then I packed up as quick as I could (including the Ladybug!), and Cameron and I took off for an amazing weekend in Manning Park!

Day 14

Ahh! Happy Birthday in Manning Park!

We started off the day with a visit to the lookout above the Manning Park lodge. Lots of visitors stop there and feed the local wildlife, so there were lots of little friends who felt brave enough to come close to the camera....

Next, Cameron and I hiked along the Paintbrush Trail...

Driving down from the mountains, I got in a little bit of spinning (of course!). But not enough for me to miss seeing more of the local wildlife...

Back to the lodge for lunch! Cameron took a little nap, while I escaped to spin in the outdoor picnic area. Of course I am there for about ten minutes before I ran into a fellow Spinzilla member (Hi Stephanie!). I got two ounces spun out in the open air... nice.

Later on, Cameron and I went for another hike up the Three Falls trail.

... and followed up all that fantastic outdoor excerise with a fantastic dinner (with wine and salmon!) at the Manning Park lodge's restaurant.

Afterwards, Cameron built me a beautiful warm fire behind the lodge in one of the fire pits. We roasted marshmallows and enjoyed the stars while Cameron rested his lungs after trying to breath our fire into life with no kindling. I think that was my favourite birthday treat.

Oh yeah, and I can spin by firelight too.

Day 15

We squeezed in one last hike before we left for home - the Beaver Pond. We always check out this trail every time we are in the area. It only takes about ten minutes to walk the entire loop - it takes us longer though, because we have to look for beavers!

No luck though. 

The rest of the drive home was beautiful. We took the long route so we could enjoy the scenic drive - there was no rush to get back. It also meant I got A LOT of spindling done in the car.

I saw this Jeep too. Yesssss another birthday treat!

Thanks for a perfect weekend babe! :D