Thursday, September 26, 2013

D30 - Days #23, #24, and #25!

Day 23

Ok, time to get organized.

I spent some serious time updating the blog this morning. I also finished a bunch of plying and washed some skeins. I completed spinning the ounce of fibre allocated to my bottom-whorl spindle, and I will be starting with a brand new spindle tomorrow!

I learned a ton today from Kim McKenna during a coffee-date we had today. She was preparing me for a class I am going to be covering for her in October, and it was so wonderful to learn from such a kind, giving person. She is a very thoughtful teacher, and I really look forward to learning more from her in the future - we have already made up plans to meet again! Yippee!

The evening was spent getting a handle on the remaining fibre I am going to spin this month. I sat down with my big bag o' Jacob and sorted though the colours. I created twelve one-ounce baggies of fibre, one for each day I haven't started yet - eek! I prepped and cleaned three of them tonight too.

I think I am going to have to create a daily, achievable goal for myself each day, and still to a pretty ridgit schedual in order to get this completed!

Tomorrow - I hope to clean and spin one ounce of fibre at home, and work on a new ounce of fibre on the bus with a drop spindle. Ok. Wish me luck!

Day 24

Tuesday - a busy day. I woke up at 6, even though I didn't work until 12:15 or so. After a quick breakfast, I prepared and spun one ounce of fibre. I also completed some work-related computer tasks and went for a wonderful, refreshing run.

Ok, break over! Time for work. I drop-spindled on the bus to work, and had a great day at the studio, followed by a successful and productive evening class. I got some spindling done on the way home too. I did better than keep float - I did some extra too!

Day 25

Today I still managed to keep abreast of the situation. I was too busy to spin in the morning, but I spindled on the bus home and spun all evening at my friend JoAnne's house. One more ounce
completed on my Ladybug!

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