Tuesday, September 24, 2013

D30 - Days #21 and #22

Day 21

I don't think there is anything much better than waking up to the sound of baking equipment purring away in my mom's kitchen.

We got up early in the morning so we could travel up-island to visit more family, but my mom was already up and making icing for my sister's birthday cake by the time I pulled myself out of bed at 7:30.

She even managed to make a pie crust from scratch before I got my lazy act together - what a lady!

Anywho, as soon as we were ready we met up with my sister, Michelle, and my aunt Maureen before we headed up island to visit a nice visit with more family.

They live on a farm! We got some serious doggy visiting time:

By the pond...

...with lots of slugs around...

...oh yeah, and snails too...

... and chickens!...

...and SHEEP!...

...a wonderful walk through the woods....

...followed by a couple of turkeys. One of which I am related too. (Hi Uncle Ed!) And yes, that dragonfly is dead. I didn't know that at the time; I was suckered into thinking it was just a beautiful opportunity for a photo and not a dead bug he found and stuck on his own shoulder...).

And then, we were fed. For a few hours. Because my aunt is a super-talented French hostess.

Hi Mom!

And then we were fed again.

**Don't worry, I spin most of the time. I did finish two ounces while I drank wine and chatted!**

Then, we partied. My sister's style. Super-hero-House-Party-Birthday.

Cake: Sewer floor, one rat, 4 turtles, and a river of ooze.

Movies: The first and fourth installements of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series.

Birthday Girl: Michelle, age 26, alias "Wonder Woman"

And yes, I got more spinning done at the party. They just all thought I was a little weird.

Day 22

Happy Birthday Michelle! (Today was her REAL birthday).

Again, got up early and had a fantastic breakfast with Mom. Then we went to our friend Linda's house for a crafting-and-tea date, my favourite kind!

I spun.

They sewed.

And then we shared the beautiful "birthday blackberry pie" my mom made from scratch that morning! Damn is that woman good!

I had to take the ferry back home today - I had to get ready for the work week, plus I just plain miss by husband and kitties after a few days away! I got lots of spindle spinning finished on the bus home though, as well as finishing off the rest of the fibre destined for the Louet wheel.

Overall, a very productive, happy weekend!

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