Saturday, July 27, 2013


Whew! I had a very adventure-some week!

First off, Sweetgeorgia Yarns posted the last of my Fibre Sampling Sessons blog posts! This week, I discussed the different silk blends that Sweetgeorgia has to offer. I also wrote other posts featuring BFL and Merino earlier this month - please check them out if you haven't already done so!

Now, what's the on the wheel?

A MISTAKE FROM WORK that's what! Whoopie!
The Sweetgeorgia Yarns colourway "Rogue" is not supposed to have white in it... and I dyed a batch of Merino/Bamboo/Silk too patchy. Sniff sniff. Well, at least I still thought it was beautiful! So I bought the entire pound of fibre and brought it home to spin.

I am breaking the top up into small random chunks to blend the colours together a little. I am going to spin it as a sock-weight 2 ply yarn to knit a cardigan out of one day...

I did a little sample skein (and knitted a swatch too, but I have not taken a photo of that yet...), and I am super happy with how it is turning out! I am working on the last 100 gram bobbin of singles right now, and I will post more photos as I progress!

Lastly, this weekend my buddy from work and I climbed the Chief! I had never been up this mountain before, but I made it to the top of the first peak this morning. What a view! We went early in the morning to escape the heat and crowds, and it was a wonderful experience. The view was amazing, the hike was a challenge, I was a sweaty mess by the time I reached the top, but I made a new friend when I got there.

What's next? I am planning on casting on the Goat Coat pretty soon. And I need to keep on working on preparing for my spinning lessons. It keeps me busy, but I am loving every minute of it...

- Grace

Friday, July 19, 2013

Merino Madness!

Just a quick little update - I have been informed that my first spinning class has sold out in August! If you are still interested in the taking the class, we are taking a waiting list... but I hope to be lining up another class in the fall! I shall update the blog as soon as I have more news!

Also, my second instalment of the "Fibre Sampling Sessions" has been posted on the Sweetgeorgia Yarn's blog. This time I checked out all the merino blends that Sweetgeorgia has to offer.

In other news, I am still busy preparing for my August classes, and spinning up a sweater's worth of merino/bamboo/silk in my extra time. I will post some photos of this newest project soon!

- Grace

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy At Sweetgeorgia...

Hello all! I have been a busy gal lately, and I have a lot of little updates!

I have been started a new job this year working in the Sweetgeorgia Yarns studio, and I love it! I have been getting to dip my fingers in dyes, pet pretty wool, and surround myself with fantastic co-workers and inspiration every day! Amazing!

I wrote short series of articles for Felicia's blog that launched yesterday called the "Spinning Sessions". Before TNNA this year I spun and knit samples of every yarn base Sweetgeorgia offers, and being the uber-nerd I am, I just had to take photos and notes of the entire process! Check out the first of the posts here!

Also, Felicia and I collaborated on a matching wrist-warmer and cowl set! This pattern was for sale as a sample at TNNA this year, but last night it was posted on Ravelry and is now available to everyone for purchase!  Check it more information on the set on Felicia's Blog, or purchase the pattern on Raverly!

And finally, I will be teaching BEGINNER SPINNING CLASSES at the Sweetgeorgia studio this summer! Yippee! Classes will run on Tuesdays nights in August from 6-8pm, and we will cover the basics for getting started to create your OWN yarn! I am SO stoked to be teaching this class - I have been busy creating samples, preparing handouts, drumming up equipment... I am so excited to get a chance to share one of my biggest passions with some brand new faces! There is only 6 spots available for this introduction class, and there are 4 wheels available to loan on a first come, first serve basis (details on the Sweetgeorgia website). If you are interested in coming out and learning the basics of spinning, please check out the Sweetgeorgia website!

And yes, I have been working on my own personal projects, and I will upload pics of a new shawl design and my current spinning project shortly!

I hope you all are having a great summer!
- Grace