Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Spinzilla Spin Ins!

Spinzilla is an event in which spinner's from all over the world join teams and compete against each other, but we on Team SweetGeorgia wanted to do what we could to make the experience as special as possbile for our own members!

Felicia put together some fantastic 'goodie bags' for everyone on our team - wow! Buttons, fibre, chocolate, gift certificates! Oh my!

We also had a few 'spin-ins' at the studio - spinners from all around the Vancouver area came out the studio last Tuesday and Thursday nights to hang out and get some spinning done!

We had a very full house on Tuesday...

Fewer people could make it out on Thursday, but we still had a great, productive time!

I have more photos too - you can check out the entire album here!   (Thanks Ginny for sharing the photos you took too!)

What's next? Another meetup on Monday night! We will be announcing our own Team SweetGeorgia winners! And we'll have a chance to show off some of our plyed yarn too!

- Grace

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Personal Spinzilla Results!

Whew! This has been a lonnnng and exciting week! I have been spinning up a storm and I took that lovely trip back to my mom's house for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend in Victoria. Yes!

So, I will summarize all the spinning I have accomplished between 9pm (PST) on Sunday October 6th until 9pm Sunday October 13th...

Bobbin #1
Fibre Type: Panda
Colourway: “London Town” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club August 2012). 
Weight: 115 grams 
523 yards

Bobbin #2
Fibre Type: Merino Bamboo Silk
Colourway: “Brushfire and Tumbleweed” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club August 2013). 
Weight: 117 grams 
508 yards

Bobbin #3
Fibre Type: Superwash BFL
Colourway: “Vampire Christmas” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club December 2011). 
Weight: 111 grams 
411 yards

Bobbin #4
Fibre Type: Superwash BFL + Nylon
Colourway: “Indian Summer” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club September 2013). 
Weight: 118 grams 
318 yards
**Final bobbin is photographed with bobbin #5 below**

Bobbin #5
Fibre Type: Polworth +Silk
Colourway: “What Lurks Beneath...” ( the SweetGeorgia Spinzilla limited edition colour). 
Weight: 116 grams 
549 yards

Bobbin #6
Fibre Type: Panda
Colourway: “Waterfall” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club July 2013). 
Weight: 122 grams 
451 yards

Bobbin #7
Fibre Type: Unknown, but does contain mohair
Colourway: “Unknown” (from the SweetGeorgia yarns studio). 
Weight: 112 grams 
560 yards

Bobbin #8
Fibre Type: Superwash Merino and Nylon
Colourway: “Autumn Wind” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club October 2013). 
Weight: 118 grams 
274 yards
**I have greyed out this images so as not to spoil the colour for club members! I will update these photos once I think most people have had a chance to get thier club packages!**

Spindle #1
Fibre Type: Panda
Colourway: “November Rain” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club November 2012). 
Weight: 22 grams 
137 yards

Soooo... my grand total for the week is 3,731 yards!

My husband has kindly pointed out that is 3.41163 kilometres. Wow.

Now, I better get plying...

And happy Thanksgiving everyone!
- Grace

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Victoria Crafternoon

Yesterday we had a crafternoon at my Mom's house. She and her friend Linda sewed up my Pirate Quilt that I have been working on for the 30th birthday - amazing isn't it!? The parts are assembled, now the actual 'quilting' needs to be done!

And of course, because it's Spinzilla week, I spun the whole time.

And my sister worked on her own sewing projects!

I finished off the bobbins I had stared before (I will be posting a Spinzilla Recap next week, describing all the wool I spun and what I intend to do with it!), and started another SweetGeorgia Fibre Club colourway...

The sewing was fun, the tea was hot, and I think everyone had a good time.

And my sister made me an awesome little table cloth for home... haha - awesome pattern huh!? "Scary Knitting Halloween" I'd say! Dogs chewing swatches, angry little boys in sweaters, needles being used as chopsicks!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ready for SpinZilla!

Spinzilla is upon us now, and I am sitting in front of my wheel every second I can!

Spinzilla is an event organized by TNNA in which spinners from all over North American join teams to compete to see who can spin the most yardage in one week!

I have been lucky enough to have been asked to 'captain' my team, Team SweetGeorgia Yarns! We are a lively crew from all parts of Canada and America, and it has been a blast working with them so far! Felicia has generously sponsored some incredible in-house gifts and prizes, we have developed our own custom colourway for the event, and we are hosting a couple of "Spin-In" nights this week so spinners from anywhere in Vancouver can drop in and hang out with us! So exciting!

Spinning kicked off at 9pm last night. I watched some Breaking Bad (I'm still on Season 3, no spoilers please!), poured a glass of wine and had some chocolate to accompany my first braid of spinning - 4 ounces of Panda fibre in the "London Town" colourway. I have decided to take advantage of all this spinning time to play with many of the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club colours I haven't felt brave enough to tackle yet!

I continued working on this spinning this morning as well, and I hope to be done this first 4 ounces before lunch. Wish me luck - I think photo updates will be often, but the written aspect of my blog posts will be cut short - I can't spend that much time in front of the computer this week!

- Grace

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Guest Blogging!

Yippee! My newest artical is up at on Felicia's blog!

Check out some advice on how to set your spinning goals: