Monday, October 14, 2013

My Personal Spinzilla Results!

Whew! This has been a lonnnng and exciting week! I have been spinning up a storm and I took that lovely trip back to my mom's house for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend in Victoria. Yes!

So, I will summarize all the spinning I have accomplished between 9pm (PST) on Sunday October 6th until 9pm Sunday October 13th...

Bobbin #1
Fibre Type: Panda
Colourway: “London Town” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club August 2012). 
Weight: 115 grams 
523 yards

Bobbin #2
Fibre Type: Merino Bamboo Silk
Colourway: “Brushfire and Tumbleweed” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club August 2013). 
Weight: 117 grams 
508 yards

Bobbin #3
Fibre Type: Superwash BFL
Colourway: “Vampire Christmas” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club December 2011). 
Weight: 111 grams 
411 yards

Bobbin #4
Fibre Type: Superwash BFL + Nylon
Colourway: “Indian Summer” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club September 2013). 
Weight: 118 grams 
318 yards
**Final bobbin is photographed with bobbin #5 below**

Bobbin #5
Fibre Type: Polworth +Silk
Colourway: “What Lurks Beneath...” ( the SweetGeorgia Spinzilla limited edition colour). 
Weight: 116 grams 
549 yards

Bobbin #6
Fibre Type: Panda
Colourway: “Waterfall” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club July 2013). 
Weight: 122 grams 
451 yards

Bobbin #7
Fibre Type: Unknown, but does contain mohair
Colourway: “Unknown” (from the SweetGeorgia yarns studio). 
Weight: 112 grams 
560 yards

Bobbin #8
Fibre Type: Superwash Merino and Nylon
Colourway: “Autumn Wind” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club October 2013). 
Weight: 118 grams 
274 yards
**I have greyed out this images so as not to spoil the colour for club members! I will update these photos once I think most people have had a chance to get thier club packages!**

Spindle #1
Fibre Type: Panda
Colourway: “November Rain” (from the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club November 2012). 
Weight: 22 grams 
137 yards

Soooo... my grand total for the week is 3,731 yards!

My husband has kindly pointed out that is 3.41163 kilometres. Wow.

Now, I better get plying...

And happy Thanksgiving everyone!
- Grace

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