Monday, October 7, 2013

Ready for SpinZilla!

Spinzilla is upon us now, and I am sitting in front of my wheel every second I can!

Spinzilla is an event organized by TNNA in which spinners from all over North American join teams to compete to see who can spin the most yardage in one week!

I have been lucky enough to have been asked to 'captain' my team, Team SweetGeorgia Yarns! We are a lively crew from all parts of Canada and America, and it has been a blast working with them so far! Felicia has generously sponsored some incredible in-house gifts and prizes, we have developed our own custom colourway for the event, and we are hosting a couple of "Spin-In" nights this week so spinners from anywhere in Vancouver can drop in and hang out with us! So exciting!

Spinning kicked off at 9pm last night. I watched some Breaking Bad (I'm still on Season 3, no spoilers please!), poured a glass of wine and had some chocolate to accompany my first braid of spinning - 4 ounces of Panda fibre in the "London Town" colourway. I have decided to take advantage of all this spinning time to play with many of the SweetGeorgia Fibre Club colours I haven't felt brave enough to tackle yet!

I continued working on this spinning this morning as well, and I hope to be done this first 4 ounces before lunch. Wish me luck - I think photo updates will be often, but the written aspect of my blog posts will be cut short - I can't spend that much time in front of the computer this week!

- Grace

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