Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Spinzilla Spin Ins!

Spinzilla is an event in which spinner's from all over the world join teams and compete against each other, but we on Team SweetGeorgia wanted to do what we could to make the experience as special as possbile for our own members!

Felicia put together some fantastic 'goodie bags' for everyone on our team - wow! Buttons, fibre, chocolate, gift certificates! Oh my!

We also had a few 'spin-ins' at the studio - spinners from all around the Vancouver area came out the studio last Tuesday and Thursday nights to hang out and get some spinning done!

We had a very full house on Tuesday...

Fewer people could make it out on Thursday, but we still had a great, productive time!

I have more photos too - you can check out the entire album here!   (Thanks Ginny for sharing the photos you took too!)

What's next? Another meetup on Monday night! We will be announcing our own Team SweetGeorgia winners! And we'll have a chance to show off some of our plyed yarn too!

- Grace

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