Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow, it has been a long time since I have had a chance to post something! Life lately has been very busy, but also very productive! I have been left with very limited time to jump onto a computer...

I have managed to ply up all my Spinzilla yarn! I am very, very happy with the results. I chain-plied most of the bobbins so I could keep some nice stripes in my final yarn. There were two bobbins of very similar colourways that decided to blend together... it made a very busy but funky kinda yarn!

I am working five days a week now at SweetGeorgia, and I am having a blast. Lately I have been diving into some 'media' related tasks as well as my regular dyeing and packaging duties. I am teaching classes two evenings a week to a terrific group of gals, and although I am having a great time, I now know that I should not book myself so full next year. Speaking of which, I am going to work out my new teaching schedules for 2014 soon - I will keep you posted with details as soon as I have them!

SweetGeorgia had a booth at KnitCity this year, and that was a whirlwind of excitement too. It was fantastic seeing old friends, catching up with students and talking to customers. You can check out more details here on the SweetGeorgia blog (Liisa wrote an excellent recap of the event!)

And finally... what have I been doing at home lately? Sampling, sampling, sampling and getting together class material. I learn a lot from this process, but it is also very time consuming and doesn't give me much exciting stuff to post about!

The Goat Coat has returned to my knitting bag. I had to hit the 'pause' button on it for a while because I has made some serious counting errors, and the idea of restarting a project that requires a cast-on edge of 600 stitches made me a sad little girl. But I finally frogged the old project and now it's back on the needles - mistake free (for now). Maybe I will get it done by Christmas...?!

What's next? I desperately need to update my Raverly pages. It's been months since I have properly documented my spinning and knitting projects, so that is high on my list of things to do. Then I have a few half-finished bobbins I would like to clean up. I have the beginnings of a hat design on my needles that I would like to published early next year too! But for now, all of this must come after preparing for my current set of classes and finishing up Christmas presents.

I will post again sooner next time - I promise! I think life is going to slow down a bit over the next few weeks, which should give me more time for photography, spinning and working on the computer.

- Grace

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