Tuesday, September 10, 2013

D30 - Days #8 and 9!

Day 8

Today I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with the Cameronman before he heads back to to work tomorrow. I got up early in the morning and hiked the Grouse Grind with one of my friends from work before Cameron even woke up. When I got home, we had a wonderful breakfast and crib game to start off the day. I spent some time finishing off my singles on the Ladybug, and I got to ply them up too.

We had dinner that night at my friend Jo Anne's place. I brought my spindle along and had every intention to spin during out visit, but I was just too involved with the company, conversation, and good food to remember to take it out! Jo Anne graciously gifted me with two beautiful dainty drop spindles for my birthday.

I now have so many spindles that I think I am going to have to choose which ones to play with over the course of this challenge! Remember I purchased at the sale on Saturday....?

With fleece too. Of course.
I will come up with a list of which ones I must add to my 'to-do' list soon.

Day 9

I didn't get much done in the morning unfortunately... I had to clean the house and run a few errands in the afternoon. However, when I got home, I got to flick a couple of ounces of fibre before supper. I also managed to measure and weigh the skein I created on my kick spindle: 50 yards, 1.1 oz, 14 wpi.

I took my drop spindle to our favourite local sushi bar while we waited for take out.

Then our friend Eva came over for a "scary movie and dinner night", and we watched Drag Me To Hell. I got about an ounce and half completed on my Ladybug at the same time - yippee! I think I am pretty much keeping pace now!

- Grace

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