Monday, September 2, 2013

D30 Day #1 - Mr Jacob Vs The Zombies

Well, I didn't spin an entire ounce. But that's alright, I still have 29 days to make up for it, right?!

I think I started off in a good place - I wrote my introduction blog about it in the early afternoon, then took over the dining room table with all my equipment to get making my first batt!

I weighted out about 36 grams of fibre, because I knew I would loose some in the drum carding process.

Carding, carding...

Ta-da! Finished batt! Now, there is still a lot of veg matter in it... I will have to pick this out with some tweezers before I get spinning. The drum carder did clean out most of the blurs and grass in the process though, and the fleece feels very nice and clean!

Next up - I went for an outrageously long walk with my husband. Probably more than 10k. It tuckered us out (it was so warm and humid outside!), but I really needed the exercise (that walk took the place of my usual Sunday run). We walked up to my favourite LYS Baaad Anna's in hope of finding a new funky drop spindle. Unfortunalty they were all sold out of the style I had in mind, but I found some nice looking local Shetland fleece instead...

Sure, I need more fleece like a need a hole in my head. But it sure feels purrrrdy!

Since I could not find a new drop spindle, I decided to use my favourite locally-made medium size spindle. It's the spindle I first learned to spin on... It's still a beautiful tool, and the one I am most comfortable with.

But I didn't get a chance to do any spinning before I left the house for the evening! Cameron and I had made board-game-night plans, so we took off to our friend's house to play a game of Zombieside.

(Not this game pictured below. Too bad - I loved the pieces! This is for the game "Rocks Vs Seashells" that Bryan made up with this daughters on a camping trip).

Zombieside was really fun. It is a co-operative game, so everyone works together to try to defeat the zombies (I am the orange dude).

I did spin the whole time we played though. My husband helped me roll the dice.

It was a pretty tough game. On the second-to-last turn, all my team-mates got eaten by zombies! But I managed to claim the last objective and still win the game for us!

That's a lot of zombies.

By the time I got home, I still had a lot of my one-ounce batt left, even though I was spinning for hours and my fingers hurt. I think I am going to have to spin thinner in the future. I might switch to a larger spindle as well for some of my other batts. I have a couple of drop spindles in my collection and it would be fun to play with them all before the month is done. Sure, not all my mini-skeins will match, but it doesn't make much yardage to make a hat. 

- Grace

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