Monday, September 23, 2013

D30 - Days #19 and #20!

Day 19

Ouch - didn't get anything done. I brought my spindle to the Greater Vancouver Spinners' and Weavers' Guild meeting thinking I could get some spinning finished during the meeting, but I just had too good of a time chattin' with my chums and watching the presentation. I'm going to have to push BIG TIME on the weekend!

Day 20

Finally! Some spinning was completed!

In the morning I started to spin a fresh ounce on my big bottom-whorl Ashford spindle. I got plenty done on the bus to work.

I had a wonderful day at the studio... I got do a little bit of dyeing, a little bit of packaging, some photography, and quality time working and talking with customers coming into Sweetgeorgia for the Yarn Harvest.  The new colourway we created for Spinzilla has been released, and I am really looking forward to dyeing up some more of that colour way in the next few weeks!

I meet and saw many fellow members of our Sweetgeorgia Spinzilla team - I am so stoked for this event to take place! I am really glad I get a week catch my breath between the Dirty Thirty and that crazy week of creating maximum yardage...!

In the evening, I headed to Victoria to spend the weekend celebrating my sister's birthday! Public transit heading to the ferry was busy, but that didn't stop me from desperately trying to spindle in a cramped bus seat - at least I didn't have to stand!

The spindling went much easier on the ferry - there was more room to stretch my arms without popping the personal bubble of the poor stranger sitting next to me.

Felicia graciously lent me the use of one of the studio's wheels to bring to Victoria so I might stand a small chance of achieving my goal by the end of the month! I packed along a Louet Victoria, and it was whipped out as soon as I got home. Another ounce started!

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