Monday, February 4, 2013

February Skill Stretch: Over The Fold

This month, I am going to try to spin 3 skeins of yarn from the fold.

When using a prepared top, this drafting method produces a slightly loftier yarn than my default worsted forward draw. If using a rolag or batt, the results will be even more woolen. I have also seen "over the fold" used to control colour blending.

This morning I rummaged through the 'yarn pantry' and pulled out my materials...

This merino/bamboo/silk blend from Sweetgeorgia will be my first experiment. This is a prepared top, where all the fibres are aligned in one direction.  When I spin this from the fold, it will bend the fibres in half before they are taken onto the wheel.  This SHOULD create a loftier yarn than using my worsted drafting method.  Also, the shiny fibres of the bamboo and silk should react differently to the light once the fibres are bent.  I will do a teeny sample of this fibre worsted first, then spin the remaining 4 ounces from the fold, and see what happens!

Next, I will experiment with some colour blending. I have this completely unknown fibre I bought with a vast amount of drop spindling supplies off craigslist. It feels a little rough to the skin, but maybe it will soften with a wash...? Regardless, I will do a small 2 ply worsted sample of this yarn, and then spin the remainder from the fold, and see how the colours blend together differently!

Finally, I will try something BRAND new for me - spinning from a BATT! I bought this batt from Fibres West last year because I thought the colours and sparkles were beautiful, but I wasn't sure how I was going to spin it! So I will try spinning a chunk of this from the fold, and see how I like the results!

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