Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Science Day!

A couple weekends ago, my husband and I hosted a SCIENCE DAY with a couple of friends of ours - a day where we collect samples, look through microscopes, and bake Pillsbury cookies.

Meet some of my fellow scientists (in order of appearance): Cameron Husbandman, David, Biren, Eva, Magnum (Jenn was camera-shy).

So what did SCIENCE DAY have to do with fibre you may ask? Well, I asked Cameron to put some samples of my fibre stash under the microscope and take some photos! I did it on hopes of discovering what some of my mystery fibre was. Even though I never came to a good conclusion, it was still pretty neat to see the final images!

Behold: Alpaca and Silk:




Human (aka Eva. No, I guess this one wasn't from my stash...)


Mountain Goat:


 Wool (BLF):

 Of course, other science was done too... we looked at pond water under the microscopes!

We also ran an experiment where we separated water into it's gas components, and filled up a "balloon"... well, we couldn't find any balloons, but we found something else that worked just as well for our purposes.

All was fun and good, I sure can't wait to have another SCIENCE DAY! We're already brainstorming new experiments, and I have cookies in the freezer...


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