Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Skill Stretch: Over The Fold COMPLETED!

Just in the nick of time... I have completed my skill stretching goals for February and I am ready to share the results!


My first test was to spin this lovely tourmaline merino/silk/bamboo blend from SweetGeorgia.

First, I spun a teeny little worsted sample so I could compare my results. Then I spun the rest of the bump from the fold (yes, I spin in my pyjamas).

The Results:

On the left is the worsted sample. On the right is the 'from the fold' sample. Interestingly enough, after washing and drying, the worsted sample is pumper and softer...? I think I just simply might spin thinner than I think when I am drafting from the fold.  Also, the yarn feels a little bit more 'scruffy', but that makes sense considering the fibres are more bent and twisted than my worsted version.
In conclusion: next time, I don't think I would bother spinning this fibre from the fold, unless I wish to control the colour differently. I like the look of the worsted yarn, and it was easier to both spin and prepare.

If you would like to see more information on the finished skein, check out its Ravelry page in my stash.


Next up - the blue multicoloured mystery!

UPDATE - actually, not so much of a mystery anymore! My friend Anita has told me she has the same fibre in her stash, and it is Northern Lights!

I did two samples of this skein as well - one small skein of worsted, and one larger skein of 'from the fold'. I purposely wanted to see the difference in colour that results from using these two drafting methods.

Here is a photo of one of the worsted-spun singles - you can see the long colour repeats I was able to achieve by simply spinning this roving as presented:

Then I spun my remaining fibre over the fold.  You can see how short the colour repeats became. The resulting single looks almost marled; the colours are much more blended together!

Once plied, the resulting yarns don't look TOO different... but I am sure once I get to swatch them up, I will see much bigger and longer colour repeats in my worsted yarn than from my 'from the fold' yarn.

The Results:

On the right is my worsted sample. On the left is my 'from the fold' sample.  Again, the 'from the fold' yarn is thinner and courser. But the colours in that sample are much more broken-up and dappled. I believe when I swatch these yarns I will discover that sample has more of a 'tweed' look to it.

If you would like to see more information on the finished skeins, check out the link to its Ravelry page in my stash.


Finally, I tried to spin a batt from the fold. I also decided to leave this yarn as a single, just to test out my "mad single-makin' skillz".

I unrolled the batt, pulled out staple length chunks, and folded them over my finger before I spun them.

The Results:
A little more kinky and thinner than I thought! But still a LOVELY yarn - I think I might combine it with one of January's singles to create a nice sparkly scarf.

If you would like to see more information on the finished skein, check out the link to its Ravelry page in my stash.

So what do I have next in store for my spinning wheel?! Come back next month to find out! ;)

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