Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sara's Saltspring Hat

Today I am publishing a new free pattern: Sara's Saltsping Slouchy Hat.  Based off my original Saltspring hat design, I have used the same short rows and purl ridges to create a lighter, slouchier hat.

You can download the pattern here:

Or nab it from my Ravelry Store!

From the pattern notes:

"Every artist needs a muse, and I have been lucky enough to have acquired more than my fair share in the various facets of my life, including members of my family, mentors from the local spinning guild, and my good buddies at work. Sara is among the latter; she is a beautiful spirit who knows what she likes, and isn’t afraid to let you know. Her personal taste for design and fashion is what inspired me to create a variation of my “Saltspring” hat to fit into her unique style. This hat is softer, slouchier, and is intended to be a fashion accessory rather than a keep-your-ears-warm worsted weight toque. Thanks again Sara!"

This pattern requires knowledge of short rows: an excellent tutorial can be found here, courtesy of the Purl Bee:

I hope you enjoy! Please send along any feedback, and I would love to see your work!


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