Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another Year, Another Goal

Even though I don't really buy into traditional "New Year's Resolutions", I just can't helped being swept up in wanting a fresh start at the beginning of January. A fresh year, a fresh goal, and twelve brand new months to give myself a chance to stretch myself...

Last year about this time, I decided that I wanted to self-publish 6 knitting patterns by the end of 2102, and see how they were received. I am happy to report that I was able to follow through with my goal, as we well as exceed it. Not only have I created and published all the patterns now available on this blog, but I have two more almost ready for free download, and I have also been working with Felicia Lo from Sweetgeorgia Yarns on publishing two new shawl patterns to be released this summer. So exciting!

So what are my goals for this year? Keep designing. I have binders of drawings, and a basket of swatches, and one tiny little brain that's bubbling with inspiration. If only I had more fingers, and more time...

My other goal this year is to push my spinning limits. I LOVE learning about spinning. I love to experiment with different techniques, play with different colours, and learn to create new textures.  However, sometimes when I sit down to spin, I find myself just creating the same ol' worsted yarn I have been making since I first started spinning 2 years ago. And there is NOTHING wrong with that - I am creating the wool I want, that I know I can work with afterwords, and it feels good doing it. However, I would like to try make myself jump out of that comfort zone on occasion and see if I can make something new. I think the best way to test those limits it to try a new technique once a month, and post the results to this blog. Most of the these 'experiments' will certainly not be new to anyone else (in fact, January's 'test' is going to be a nice fat single, because I overspin and ply EVERYTHING I normally make), but eventually I want to build on these techniques and try more elaborate art and novelty yarns, such as featured in the book "SpinArt", or inspired from online magazines and Ravelry.

So in the future, please look forward to some more posts about my spinning experiments! I will label them as my Skill Stretches, and try to post one per month, but who knows, maybe I will be inspired to try more!

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

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