Friday, August 17, 2012

Bridal Falls Gloves

Ta-da! I have released another free pattern today!  You can find it here:

or on Ravelry of course!

From the pattern:
"These gloves were designed for all the lucky gals I know who are getting married this summer. The left glove has a special little embellishment below the ring finger; two intertwined wedding rings are cabled into the back of the hand. The right glove has a similar line to the ring finger, minus the cable-work. They look lovely knit in a traditional white, or choose a more dramatic colour to match the personality of your blushing bride."

Thanks again to Jo Anne Ryeburn and Laura Gorrie for the test knitting and feedback! And thanks to Crystal Sing as well for the use of her lovely photo (that's her in the red version of the gloves).

I made quite a few of these this summer as wedding gifts, and Jo Anne made a LOVELY pair out of handspun that just makes my heart go 'pitterpatter'.


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