Monday, August 6, 2012

Whiskey Creek Scarf!

Today have have posted my very first pattern to Ravelry!
Please check out the free download for my Whiskey Creek Scarf Pattern:

From the Pattern notes section:

"This scarf is designed to showcase those self-striping and multicoloured yarns that can tend be too muddy or busy for many interesting lace patterns. The simple, open design can also display any sport or fingering weight hand-spun yarn to its maximum advantage. This scarf, knit to bias to the left, is cast on one corner, increases in size to the width of the scarf, then continues to the opposite point. It can be blocked into a rectangle if desired, especially with the help of tassels on each end. Enjoy the organic shaping and the detail of the subtle cable-work that adds some movement in the body of the scarf.
Additional notes:

  • This pattern includes charts and written instructions.
  • This scarf can be completed in sock weight or sport weight yarn.
  • For best results, make sure you block your project to open up the eyelets nicely!"

I made two example projects for this pattern: one is a fingering sock yarn (the light blue/green/brown colours) and one in a sport weight yarn (the darker brown Noro version).  Same needle size, but the different gauges created a different drape and texture in each scarf, which I found rather pleasing!

Check out the pics below:

If you knit up this pattern, please share your work and feedback with me! I am a new designer, and even though this pattern has been edited and tested, I would love feedback and to see your final work!

Cheers! And I hope you enjoy!

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