Monday, September 3, 2012

Lillooet Legwarmers

 Introducing... the Lillooet Legwarmers!

I am releasing this pattern as a free Raverly download today! Or feel free to download the pdf here...

From the pattern notes:
"These simple but versatile legwarmers are designed to fit YOUR style!  Knit them long and wear them pulled up past the knee to give the illusion of a stocking that will keep your legs extra toasty warm, or scrunch them down to the ankle for a more traditional80’s look.  Use a neutral colour to create an elegant pair for an evening out on the town, or alternatively, play with some stripes or bright colours for a more funky style!"

So make 'em long, pull 'em, push 'em down! But most importantly, keep those leggies toasty warm! As always, please show me if you decide to make a pair, and if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!



  1. Great pattern Grace, I was inspired to knit it for my niece who just started at Cambridge this Fall. I know she likes to read by the river where she says the ducks are less distracting than the people in the library! I thought these would keep her warm.
    I did tweak the pattern a bit though. I changed your 3 stitch twist into a full 4 stitch cable after the first 5 twists rows just to give her a bit more room around her calf. My son's hairy teenage boy leg is not quite as slim and trim as hers - so fingers crossed they fit! I think I might be knitting a 2nd pair for my other niece now! Thanks again, keep up with pattern designing. I think they are great. You check out my photo of the finished pair on my website

  2. PS to my previous comment...leg warmers a perfect fit and my niece loved them. Thanks. Now her sister wants a black pair!