Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Unpackin' Alpaca

It's no secret that I have a LOT of fibre in my stash. I have bookshelves, baskets, shelves, and a good chunk of a closet fill with goodies I have collected. I love to try new fibres, and if something catches my eye I have never tried before, well, it goes in my spinning pantry!

I had three alpaca fleeces in the very bottom of my closet. These were given to my as a gift from my sister, and I have had them for ages. She gifted them to me before I felt confident that I could do much with them, but I always had high hopes. Well, this weekend I decided to tackle that collection again!

All three fleeces have been well checked out - very little veg matter, no lanilin (obviously), no poop or muddy bits... they look like they have been very well skirted, and I only have the choice parts of the fleece. Just dust and guard hairs. Yessssssss.

I had already scoured the caramel coloured fleece earlier... so this weekend I whipped it out for a little practise with my minicombs and handcards.

I made some really nice roving (its a little too rough for me to call it top I'm afraid) with the combs.

I collected all the leftovers from the combs and carded them up so I can practise some woolen!

After this experiment, I was so inspired that I pulled out the other two fleeces from my closet...

I decided to tackle the black one next. This one doesn't even look like it has any guard hairs at all, just a some dust and minimal straw. I weighted it out - 860 grams.

I took it outside for a nice scouring...

And I have it drying in my extra bathroom right now!

I will start the combing process of this fleece when I am done with the caramel one! Both of these fleeces feel SO soft and smooth - I can't wait to get them on m wheel!

In other news, yesterday I finished plying my Merino/bamboo/silk! Woo-whoo!

And here's a photo of my little test swatch...

I think I want to make one of these cardigans with it - whatcha think!?

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