Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Gal and Her Goat - Spinning Success!

Alright... so, it's been a while since I started spinning my mountain goat. A few months have gone by. But I have good news to report!

A couple weeks ago, I finished spinning ALL the singles! My bobbins were full, I had already plied some of the wool, and I had even knitted a sample swatch to make sure I liked what I was getting!

Then I was asked to help out with another spinning task - I spun sample skeins and knitted a swatch of every roving base that Sweetgeorgia sells! A very interesting experiment - there will be more information on that event soon! - but it meant that my poor little goat had to sit on the sidelines for a couple weeks.

But this week, it was time to get crackin' at plyin'! I finished plying up all the singles last night, and gave them a bath and a wack. Here is a pic of 12 skeins drying on my poor little octopus...

But this morning when I woke up - voila! - a beautiful batch of yarn! I still need to work out the final yardage and stats, but I will update this blog post again with that final information.

What is next...? Well, I recently purchased a pound of one of my 'mistakes' at my new job dyeing at Sweetgeorgia yarn. I will most likely be spinning that into a sweater while Mr Jacob meets the Hooded Fang - I mean, the drum carder:


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