Friday, May 3, 2013

Testing Test... 1 2 3!!!

Whew, I've been busy!

Besides working on two new designs, and finishing up the layout for a bunch of other patterns on the computer, I have putting together my "library" of dye samples!

Previously, I went and made samples of all base dyes that I have available to me...

Then I decided to create small samples of each colour blending into every other colour... I hand-painted gradients from one colour to another. Each gradient contains 5 dye soluations: 100% DyeA, 75% Dye A and 25% DyeB, 50/50% DyeA and DyeB, 25% Dye A and 75% DyeB, and 100% DyeB.

That's a lot of samples.

When they were set and dry, I cut them up and mounted them on cards for easy reference - DyeA on one end, and DyeB on the other.

Next step - photograph! I took a carefully light-controlled image of each card, and put them into on my computer.

After cropping and sorting these photos, I created colourwheel images for every dye base I have.  This way, I can see EVERY shade I can make by blending one colour!

The other day I had my friend Sara over. We had sooo much fun with these samples - we really put them to work! She wished to create a grey sock yarn for a present for her dad, and I wanted to dye some worsted yarn to knit a present for a family member. After dumping the sample cards on the table and drooling over all the possible colour combinations for a bit, she decided to try a diluted blend of black with a dash of cobalt.

I dyed my wool with a mixture of 75% turquoise and 25% black.

We were both SUPER happy with the results! Now I just can't wait to try more complicated combinations - that will be my next dyeing experiment!


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  1. WOW! I am so impressed by your rigorous method! I learned a ton about colour theory just from this post. I am inspired, albeit a little intimidated by your post. Thanks for sharing!